Monday, June 2, 2014

Finding new investigators

Us Elders sleeping

Not much new has been going on here lately. Just getting used to all the cold. While you all have summer. It gets nice and dark early now, like at 6 the sun is down. Other missionaries change there schedule to eralier in the day to be home early. But we continue in the same routine out until 10 o clock. Some times the memebers are worried about us walking in certain areas. But were careful and nothing has happened.

Recently we are trying to find more investigators to teach. We have been thinking of many ways we can find more people. We had a great meeting with our Branch President, which was actually the first ive had with missionaries and a Bishop in my mission, and it went really well. We are putting on some activities and going to set goals for the members to invite people. Even this sunday we were suprised that some member and even investigators brought their friends to the church and introduce us to them. So with more time we are finding great people who have some interest.
Mailing pacakges ~ Interchanges with a new Missionary
But i love love this sector and am doing great here with everything. I found a dunkin donuts at the mall close to here to try and get as close to an american donut as i can. Taste like pure sugar and different but its the thought of eating a donut that counts. Anyways, hope your all doing good. love you guys. have a good week

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