Monday, June 16, 2014

Elder Robbins came!

Waiting for the Metro
So this past week we had Elder Robbins come to talk to our mission. I didnt know much about him, but then found out he is in the presidency of the 70! He talked to us for a little bit and then said, "alright ask me anything!" so we were there for two or three hours asking him many questions we had about any church topic. I learned a lot from him, and took notes but forgot it in the house to write some things this week. 

One of the many great things that Elder Robbin said is that every person may feel and learn something different than another. Because the holy ghost brings it to that person with what thy need to hear. And i defintley learned something that might not have been important to others. He said that he grew up in the church as well and was always taught that these things are true. He never doubted nor question anything, just new it was true. And thats how i feel to. He said that we dont have to have any life changing event that converts us because for many it is a process that happens over time. That gave me a little more confidence in knowing that i have always felt and known the church is true.
It snowed today on the little hill in our sector

After the transfers we just had i am going to stay in this sector and lead and direct the work here. I am grateful that the lord has trusted me and will do my best to help all that i can. Just a little nervous and worried, but know that everything happens for a reason and i will put my trust in the lord. I hope everything goes good this week. Pray for me please. I love you all and hope you are enjoying summer!! love you bye
Saying my goodbyes
Everyone is pumped for the World Cup, even the dogs!  
Chi Chi Chi.... Le Le Le
Saying goodbye to my Companion Elder E :/

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