Monday, June 9, 2014

It's cold!

 Going to miss President & Sister Essig ~ Saw my Trainer

We were gonna go to the snow today but couldn't cuz the bus wouldn't make it though all the snow.  So we played soccer and took the wrong bus into the city.   It's nice and cold, I can see my breath in every moment, in the house even when we wake up.  The water heater doesn't work so we take freezing cold showers in ice cold weather. But it was all fun!
Chile winter weather before 6pm

So this week nothing crazy happened. No one was able came to church because of the cold and rain:/ only like 30 people. It was bad. And the family we have been teaching just moved. They will continue with the sisters in their sector now. But im happy for them. Now we just gotta find more people!

Everything is all good here with the rain and cold. A lot of it! And we have a conference on wednesday. We are lucky to always get apostles and some from the 70 to speak to us a lot. And then transfers on monday. Well see what happens. Thanks you guys, love you. Have a good week.
Futbol on the cold

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