Monday, June 23, 2014

Not too crazy of a week. Turned out pretty good!

After church pics with new Companion Elder M & Roomates

So this week went pretty good. So my companion is Elder M from the south of chile. Hes been out for like 10 months now. We are getting a long good. Its just been a change to be with someone new. But he has been in like 6 or 7 areas and had like 10 companoins. Im just in my seconds sector still.

I am still thinking about all that Elder Robins said the other week. I loved how he spoke a lot on the importance of the Holy Ghost and the role it plays for us. And how peoples conversions always come about by feeling and being taught by the holy ghost. It was especially important to think of how he explained the holy ghost when were are confirmed. It is like the dimmer switch is turned up and that we can recognize and feel the spirit more. I can say this is true in my mission seeing the difference in my life and others lives as well.

Oh and last week i forgot to say that we were riding in a bus to get back to our sector after it had been raining pretty hard. And the bus driver was pretty bad and aggressive. Our bus ended up crashing into another car:/ but nobody was hurt. So we had to run and jump on another bus in the pouring rain. I thought it was pretty crazy.

Hope everyone has a good week. I love all you guys.- Elder Austin Jaeger

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