- - Mailing Instructions - -

*Letters and Packages* 
Only send packages through United States Postal Service or he will have to pay a fee.  *Always use USPS padded envelopes or a Priority Mail/Flat Rate box.  
This is the Mission Home address below.
**Make sure you pay proper postage at post office for International letters**
from CA to Chile its $1.15

Elder Austin Charles Jaeger
Misión Chile Santiago Norte
Sucursal Correo Patronato
Casilla #60
Recoleta, Santiago

*Dear Elder (FREE)* 
Deadline for DearElder letters is 12 midnight (MST) on Sundays

Click on "Write a Letter" tab
Click on "Chile Santiago North"
Click on "Write a Missionary"
Enter "Elder Austin Jaeger"
Enter your email but do not enter his and follow the instructions.

*Pouch Mail* 
(Pouch mail is mailed out on Friday of every week)
Only postcards or one-page letter written on one side of the page may be sent to the address below. Do not insert anything, like pictures, inside. Fold the letter into thirds (writing on the inside), secure the long side with tape- do not put the letter in an envelope. Affix US postage in the top right corner and address the outside as follows:

Elder Austin Charles Jaeger
Chile Santiago North Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

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