Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

It was a pretty good year. 2014 will have been the only year i devoted every day to missionary service... well for now. A lot of crazy things have happened but its cool to see the difference in me and what i have shared with others. New years eve here was just a normal night, some fireworks and we listened to the neighbors music. A new year with new goals.

Recently there will be many changes coming to our mission and some missions in general. Now we will only be focusing on Church attendance, baptisms, and lessons. That's it. The rest of the numbers will not really be counted. But this comes from the area 70 at least. And another thing is we cant drink coca cola or anything with caffeine practically. So goodbye mountain dew :,( But i am fine. I will follow whatever the lord asks of me, even if it is not too much soda haha. We will see the rest of the changes that are to come!

This week was pretty good for us. We were able to visit many less active members we haven't been able to visit before. It is really nice to be accepted into a home even though family hasn't gone to church for years. People trust the missionaries and can let us help them with their problems. The branch president has been calling us every other day to help him with certain things and visits. We are going to put on many activities to bring more people back to church. As part of our calling we have been teaching and directing many of the church classes and priesthood meetings. Its a learning experience but we love it.

I kind of stole the idea from home of hot dogs in the park we had back home and we will be doing a "completos en la capilla" activity which will be games and a family home evening with the ward and a nice completo after. I decided to throw out the idea because it is an easy going activity yet enjoyable so we will see how it goes. 

Love you guys and hope you're all doing good. Stay warm with all that cold weather. I guess we will be having Latinos in the family so you all better get started on that spanish;) love ya bye.
we went to Piedra Roja as always

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