Monday, May 26, 2014

I love chile!

It's getting cold here in Chile
We ate cow heart for lunch today and it was so good and I've tried octopus and horse meat, lots of stuff! So this week was fun. Im getting nice and used to the cold and rain. Its gonna come stronger in winter! I just bought some beanies and gloves and scarves. Were getting all prepped for winter. 
My Companion Elder A and I
This past week it has gotten quite cold and the rain started to come! Im all bundled up and have lots to keep me warm. The ghetto part we live in occasionally has power cut off. So we get to sleep nice and comfy without the heater. Just a tiny thing we plug into the wall haha. While and after it had rained it felt so refreshing. The air was all nice and crisp clean cold. I just thought of how i have come to love chile and the people. It may different here then back home in ca but I find this place amazingly beautiful. And the people are amazing. This is a wonderful place and im lucky to be hear sharing the gospel.
Gods Army needs to take a rest  ~  My desk
The family that we are teaching have all been progressing great! H, M, and the kids. They are a great family and love the church. They have known the church is true for a long time and have been attending for a month or two now. But they are all reading the scriptures together and going to all of the activities! The members are getting a long great with them which is a big help in coming to church. 

Just 3 more weeks of this transfer and the we will have our Mission President change. Everything is good down here, hope for you guys too. Love you Have a good week.

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