Monday, May 12, 2014

happy mothers day mom, and happy birthday my bro garrett!

My view of family in CA and sister on a mission is Texas
I was excited to skype with all you guys:) until christmas! but i was good to see you all and share a moment.

This past week i had a great spiritual moment. i was in an intercambio with another missionary for the day. at the end of the night it was almost 9.45 to start coming home, the last appointment fell and we were ready to go back. But my companion said that we should pray to see what to do. As we did a house came to my mind and i told him i dont know why but we have past this house many times before without success, and the house was at the other corner of our sector. But he said to follow the promting as we started to walk. We got to the house and the mother opened the door telling us she was very occupied. When i asked her what it was she said "come in and see!" I was so suprised to finally enter this house after many tries.

As we were teaching she explained how she had the missionaries a long time before but dropped them because her husband didnt like the missionaries. While we were teaching the husband walked in and saw we were teaching the whole family, uncles and aunts and kids. He rolled his eyes and kept walking. But we invited him to listen to the prayer as we end. While my companion was praying the whole house was silent and it felt so peaceful for jsut a moment. And the first person to say anything was the father. He joked with us for a bit but we were able to see him changing. We are going to keep going back to tach the whole family as they have a great desire to listen.
Painting a sisters house
It was really special to give some flowers, chocolates and notes to some of the sisters in our ward. Some who have never had children, we wanted to make their days as special as we could:) love you guys, talk next week.
For the sisters in our Ward :)

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