Monday, May 19, 2014

Another transfer here with my companion!

Im really stoked to be here for another transfer in this sector. Its crazy to be here my 3rd together! But this transfer is only 4 weeks because our Mission President is changing soon! Im pumped for that too. We are gonna get a new Chilean President. Things have been going great here in principal. Actually lots of problems with the house but its all good. Some guys are coming to tear out or bathroom and redo it because there was so much mold and crazy stuff. They said it was a terrible safety hazard! And we will see what happens because there are rats that live under the bathtub too haha! I find all this stuff fun. 
Prepping for lunch
This past week was good and I spent much time reading the book of mormon. I would study it in the morning and come back at night and sit down to read. I have found a great love for the scriptures in my mission. Before it was hard for me to read but ever since day one that i entered the mission i have had this great change. I now starve to read the scriptures and am disappointed when i have to stop. And in preach my gospel, there is a section on the attributes of Christ, one of them being knowledge. I can say that my life has dramatically changed due to my mission and the scriotures are now one of the most important things to me. 

Ill just share what i recently read the other day. I was in Alma 17 reading about the sons of Mosiah. They obiously had a big change in there lives and ended up serving missions for 14 years it say! Please read Alma 17:2-5 and think of the missionaries nowadays who are serving. There are many things it says the sons of Mosiah did. They would study the scriptures, pray, fast, recieve revelation and prohecy, and they taught with power and authority of god. This is the missionaries that are serving now. It even contines to talk of the aflicction and suffering they went through, Physically, mentally, and spiritually. I love every new chapter i read of the scriptures and am grateful to be able to share this with those i am privileged to teach.

Sorry i didnt take and pics this week:/ just one of when my comps were prepin lunch. Have a good week, i love you guys:)

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