Monday, May 5, 2014

crazy week!

Futbol with zone Leaders
so this week was crazy! a lot of stuff happened. so im just gonna be throwing some stuff around. Firstly how in the middle of the night the other day Elder F heard a noise in his room. it ended up being a rat in the house. so we all grabbed brooms and tried to get it as it was running for an hour. and that thing was the size of a shoe that could jump! he jumped on my legs three times and i was just laughing with the camera in one hand and a broom in the other. and then a different night there were cats screaming outside all night. 
Kept us up all night
M was confirmed this week and received the holy ghost! it has been great having him in the branch as the strongest group of the branch is all of the young men. He has also been an example to his family who has definitely changed and we can feel more peace in the house. I can really see the difference the gospel brings into the lives of many. I have been blessed to have grown up in the church with all of my family and am very grateful for that in my life. 

I really didnt know how blessed i was before the mission. But out here it is a huge difference. Like many of the little things i have i never really noticed how much i have.  that reminds me of a story from the mission president in the ccm who talked about a young missionary who came to serve with a pair of jeans not knowing what exactly to do being the first member in his family. and how the president took him out to get new clothes and necessities. there are many who drop family for coming on the mission. 

But thank you all for always being there for me:) im excited to skype sunday:) I wanted to spend sunday doing something nice so i told the other elders that we are going out to visit some of the sisters of our ward to bring them flowers and especially the single sisters. that will make me the happiest on sunday:) oh and Happy Anniversary mom and dad! and my bro Garrett will be turning 17 soon! love you guys. talk soon! 6 days!
P Branch - Ward Pictures with my roommates Elder B , Elder F & Comp Elder A

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