Monday, April 28, 2014

1st Baptism

My 1st Baptism 

This past week was great! We were able to baptize M and all went well. All of his family came to church and the baptism. There was a little problem with the font so we baptized in cold water but i told him you get to do this once in your life and your obiously going to remember it forever. It was great and many others were there to see the baptisms of our ward. Many investogators came to church on sunday and stayed to see the baptsims. The work in this sector is amazing and the people are so loving and helpful.

so lets see, we have until 18 may in this sector then Elder F goes home and we will see which sector i stay or go to. haha so last sunday they choose me again to choose and lead the music. we started to sing the sacrament hymn and i noticed in the middle that i was singing alone and nobody knew the hymn. so i pretty much sang a sacrament solo haha, the only other ones singing were the other missionaries and one sisters who knows all the songs. 

Oh i got the letter from my sis Ashley and i got one from gf Kennedy! thanks for sending me the letters:) The other day we were in the house studying and Jehovas witnesses came to our door. No one wanted to get it so i decided to and ended up talking to him for a little in the doorway. I dont know if in the states you can still knock on doors to proselyte or do it in the streets but we still do it here. We have to complete with a goal of talking with at least 140 people each week.

Anyway everything is good here. the rain is about to start coming which will be fun! LOVE YOU guys, have a great week!
Elder F had a baptism that day too so we took a pic together.

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