Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter week

Sorry my letters short but ill be emailing monday anyway. We went to the temple today and that was great! I understood everything in spanish! 
Easter was fun. even though here they celebrate "the holy week". i ate fish and oyster and some new stuff the past few nights. but im used to it now, i just eat lots of bread and drink lots of coke when I need to. lots of food is always offered to the missionaries. i cant even eat that much. a normal day is a banana or fruit for breakfast and maybe a snack, then lunch which is rice and chicken or something, and then maybe a snack at night. its hard to eat. so im not gonna get fat! but dont worry im always full from what people offer me.
So this sunday is the baptism for M! we have one more lesson tonight with him and then an interview so we will see if all goes well! thanks for all you guys do for me. im excited to call soon for mothers day!!! its going so fast everything. hope you guys have a great week. ill talk on monday!
i recieved a mountain dew in the missionary mail which is sent between missionaries, but i dont know who sent it to me. a mystery. because mountain dew doesnt exist here so someone got it mailed to them and shared with me:) 

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