Monday, April 14, 2014

I´ll go where you want me to go dear Lord

Well this week was great as usual! I was excited to hear the news about my girlfriend
Kennedy! Im excited that youll be serving in the dominican republic where the Lord wants you.

It reminded me of a hymn that we ended up singing on
sunday. i dont remember how it goes in english, something like, "ill go
where you want me to go dear lord." and then in spanish it says "to where
you send me ill go lord, to mountains or islands of the sea" rougly thats
what it says. But i thought of how there is always something waiting for
us. The hymn is from 1 nephi 3:7 if you want to read it. I am excited for
you kennedy and know the people of the dominican republic will be blessed
as will you.
This week M has been progressing great! he came to church with his
mother and hes getting all of the lessons in. And we were lucky this last
week to teach a lesson with his father and his mother together who are
divorced. But they were both happy for their son and the decision he is
making. We want to postpone it one more week  just to make
sure he is fully prepared for everything. All of the work here is great as
we are finding more people. One family of a less active father and all his
non member family who have a great interest in the church.

All is well for me as usual! Nothing new really. Oh and how singing hymns
works here in chile is wierd. So because there arent instruments there is
one person who sings the first line as a solo to give the tone for the
rest. So for that song in sacrament meeting i was leading the music and
sang the first part to start it of. and thats your fun fact for the day.
think im gonna put in a fun fact every week now. haha well bye guys! love
Elder F's birthday!

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