Monday, April 7, 2014

Chile Earthquakes and cold!

General Conference
This past week has been crazy tons of earthquakes lately. like huge. 

sounds like airplanes crashing and stampedes of animals. 

but i stay calm and actually pull out my camera to record it. 

lots of people panic and have anxiety which worsens the situation.
Our Zone
its been getting cold. Im using my winter coat and a beanie. I need to buy gloves soon and ear muffs cuz they are ice cold! oh and im so excited to be here for the next transfer with all 4 of us still together. Elder F is going to die here, well thats how we say it in spanish. But he is going to "end" is mission here! 

I loved conference, hearing it for the first time in spanish was fun! I understood it all suprisingly and got many things out of it. What i liked a lot was when they talked about the improtance of having faith in god, and that he is always there. It was great that M and his mother came to conference and sat with us. While we were listening to one of the talks about how everyone is a missionary I looked at M and said, "everyone is a missionary... like you." We are all excited for his baptism at the end of this month and i know that he will continue strong in the church.
In between general conference session at a members home

i still study spanish as much as i can to try and perfect it. in the house i talk with my companion in english to help him learn and he is doing great! 3 gringos and 1 latino, he is learning english just fine. welp im excited to still be in this sector and am pumped to keep working. Thanks for the emails and pics you guys send. have a good week.

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