Monday, March 31, 2014

The cold is coming

On the Metro
Finally we are getting cold here. As missionaries we love the cold more than the heat. We just layer up and good to go! 

Things have been going great for me and my companion. We really are looking forward to the baptism of M. The ward boys are getting along with hiim great. He is becoming more comfortable with the church and wants to come to every activity! Like yesterday he walked all the way to church alone and stayed for all the classes. We are teaching him every other day to prepare him. Hes a great kid and i know that this will also help reactivate his mother in the church. I hope to stay in this sector and see my first convert from beginning to baptism. It makes me so happy to see the difference and change in the lifes of those who want to follow jesus christ.
oh my foot is all better. i actually have a damaged nerve in my foot too. but i only get random shocks sensations in my foot at times. but it's all good and i don't have any pain. it'll all heal perfectly over time.  

We get plenty of earth quakes every week. and they are huge. like during the middle of the night.

The other day we had to come in the house a few hours early becuase it was a day of the ´´young combatents´´ i think it is in english. where many tennagers go out to mess around and just do bad things so to be safe we got home early.  The next morning as we are walking around we say many things sad things.  But were safe.

All is well, i keep working and i hope to stay here next change, we will find out the end of this week. But im happy as always for everything. Love you guys so much. later alligator

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