Tuesday, March 25, 2014

welp nothing new this week

Me and my Companion Elder A
We have been teaching a boy lately named M.  We have been helping him feel more comfortable with the church. he came to a mutual night to meet all the boys his age and the played games and made pizza. He had a great time and wants to keep coming. This next week he will come to church becuase he really really wants to. I know that this gospel will help him and his family. Hes already asking us questions about what to do to serve a mission! We are helping him to be baptized this next month!

We made pizza with the young men
hmm what else happened. I ate my first big mack from mcdonalds which was kind of nasty, i also tried some horse jerky which was even nastier. But the pizza we made with the young men was fun. lots of boys in this branch, this pic is less than half of them. 

And thank you sister ashley for the email! i am doing great here. Continuing in the work every day.

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