Monday, March 17, 2014

Woohoo Ripped a Tendon! nah im good tho

well yes i did end up ripping a tendon in my foot doing absloutely nothing except a little jump excersising. i didnt feel much pain at the start but in the street walking i fell to the ground trying to get back up and keep walking. i really wanted to walk but couldnt with huge pain, so i hobbled to a members house bacause we were gonna have lunch. the gave me lots of creams and medications and bandage wrap thing. so i used that but still had terrible pain. so i used a boot for a few days and felt fine to wlak without it. but i still had some pain at times and couldnt fully use my foot. so i went to the doctor an he said i ripped a tendon and i will have a boot for a few weeks and we will see if it heals correctly. so yeah thats that but im still walking and working! 

I tried to work the best i could this past week. having to visit the doctor in the ccm and rest at times because of the ripped tendon in my foot. i try to walk as fast as i can with this boot but obvioulsy it can be hard at times and i cant keep up with people to talk in the street. But i found that there are many people and members who love to help. I have little time in this branch but the members are helping with everything. they give me things to help with my foot. We always have a great lunch with the members. Last wek we were told that there was too many people wanting to have lunch with all 4 of us missionaries, which is a big change from before as it was hard to find people who were willing. We have a great relationship with the members and help them as much as they help us.
Cerri Renca
Dont worry about me haha, i am having a great time with all that has happened. and we stay safe from the people who live here. at times women who throw rocks at our windows trying to get our attention. we are in the most ghetto sector of the mission but love it!

I have a smaller blue boot that i use most of the time because the gray one was huge and i couldnt put my pants over to hide it a little. and the other pic was an intercambio becuase thats the only time i take pics with other missionaries.

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