Monday, March 10, 2014

its poppin out here, we be workin hard

Our sector goes up to the mountains
I dont know what the title each week should be so i will just out the first thing that comes to mind. But this week was fun as usual. Conchalì is the place be! The church got robbed this week which is whatevs haha. nothing new here. They destroyed and stole a lot inside. The four of us were walking past the church and saw everything open and thought someone was cleaning at first. But then thought why were all the trophies and pictures out of the cases, so we grabbed tennis rackets and baseball and searched the place but nobody was there. So we called the ward and told them what happened. ovioulsy the police here just stopped by and didnt do much. But they brook into every room, even the offices that are steel plated 3 inches thick, and the gates here that are 12 feet and spiked. but the one closet they didnt open was the one that had all the tithing so that was lucky. 
This week i saw the people who are most likely to share and love to talk with the missionaries. There are many foreigners here like from Peru and Haiti that come here looking for a better life. They really look for anything that will help them in life. And as missionaries we know the gospel is the greatest of all. This week for example we shared with a family from Peru that have two deaf sons. they were able to understand the message and accept a baptismal date. We will continue to share with them and the importance of eternal families as my testimony is strong in that area.  I love you guys have a good week.
Elder B in our room  -  Intercambios with a fun Elder
Fattest puppy ever

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