Monday, March 3, 2014

First week in Conchalì

Welcome to the ward cake 
Welp it was a fun week learning the sector with three new misionaries and one whose been in for a while. Elder F who is the tall gringo has like 2 months left. Elder B from vegas has about 6 months out. and my comp, Elder A has about 11 months out. And the elder who is going home soon has more time than all 3 of us combined! But we have a great time together. We pretty much doing everything together the 4 of us other than the hours of proselyting from 4ish to 10 at night. We play darts and listen to lots of music, yes church music obiously but like from church movies and mens choirs.

The house we have is pretty big and has 5 bedrooms but the mission said we cant use the upstairs. so each companionship lives, eats, studies, sleeps, everything in our room. and we have to get ready fast sharing a bathroom that is tiny as usual. But this branch is so fun.

haha like our first day here for lunch. we went to go eat with president nuñez and his family. they had the plates set with about 10 peas each, 2 pickle slices, a leaf of lettuce, and a dot of mayo. they said they are helping the missionaries eat healthy and that their son is "practicing the art of cooking". we ate it with a toothpick as our utinsel. but finally after a while they brought a full plate of food after the joke was done haha. the members here are great, we even got a welcome to the branch cake!

This place is nice and ghetto but dont worry, the members tell us which streets we shouldnt walk and when. haha like people just offering everything to us. i cant really put it all but bad things. We dont have a problem here and love it. this is a great sector and we love it!
Zone soccer
Hearing from Elder David F Evans this past week was great! He helped me understand my purpose as a missionary a lot more. He really emphasized on focusing on the men to baptize. They can help coninue in the work of the church and help the families. I am going to focus on that now and really edifying the church and bringing members who will continue to change the lives of others. And it is wierd because this past week we encountered a few different boys who have lots of interest and i really do see being a great help to this church. I am grateful every day to be serving here and in this new sector.

it was cold a few days this last week so we wore jackets, but then it got steaming hot again. i cant wait for winter and you guys are probably pumped for summer haha. love you guys:) bye - Elder Jaeger

Service project painting a fence

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