Monday, February 24, 2014

New Comp and New Sector

i got a call saturday night while i was sleeping that i was going to be put in a new sector, it wasnt suprising because always after training they put a gringo with a latino. my new comapanion is named Elder A and he has like 19 years. crud i hate how my english is super bad now. "super fome" means super cruddy here in chile. any way, he and I are put in this new sector.  the missionaries always get robbed and well i dont need to say more haha. but we have  new place to live in but its obviously run down. itll be 4 of us missionaries living there with two other gringos. we are pumped to have a good time! 

Saying goodbye to warm members
Ward members  -  Hermano A
New best friend F  -  Last ward meal
last week i was in intercambios with Elder L and we had a really special day together. For some reason for the first time in his mission and obviously in mine we taught lessons all day because every single person accepted us. none of the appointments fell through and we taught lots of people for the first time. and every person was very interseted to hear and shre with us. Even one of the houses was a wrong house and a wrong person but we still taught them and the want to continue to take the lessons. I know that there are lots of people out there waiting and that incredible day where we taught almost ten great lessons i wont forget. i absolutley love this work whether the people i talk to will listen or not. we give everyone we can the opportunity to hear.
My District
Also this week instead of playing with little children, we got to play dominoes with a group of elderly people who we have as investigators haha. Any ways i have to get back and clean the house with all of us now and set up our beds and tables because there is no furniture and we dont have closets. Ill be safe dont worry. ill stay out of the parts of our sector that are marked in red to never walk. love you all and hope you have a good week. we bout to start march!  -Elder Jaeger

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