Monday, February 10, 2014

getting the hang of this

Things are starting to feel really comfortable and i can do quite a bit without too many problems. finishing up my training in two weeks then we will see where i am headed. It doesnt even feel like im in another country. but yes there are a lot of differences i am used to now. The food i absolutely love. like we always eat "salad" which is luttuce, tomato, corn, onion, and the dressing is squezzing a lemon on it. theres so much different but i love it all, the food and especially la gente (the people).

Right now we have a married couple named C and L and they have somewhere around 70 years. They are ready to be baptized and set a date in march. They are such a loving family and two of there daughters are actually recent converts. They read the book of mormon every single day and are doing exactly what they are supposed to. Most every one else is on vacations so we are still doing lots of contacts and mine have been getting better and better. i am comfortable to talk with any person about anything now! My confidence has gone up so much and i am continuing to learn so much from my companion and the mission.
My Companion/Trainer    -   On Exchanges
I have tones of intercambios every week with our mission president wanting the district leaders (my companion) to have at least one with every member of the district in one 6 week transfer. and also we do exchanges with the zone leaders and at times other missionaries. But I am learning a lot from every single missionary. 

Shoot i dont have much more time and couldnt email everyone back who emailed me this week. ah ill try do it next week. But happy valentines day everyone! i love you and love seeing all your pics! have a good week.
I spy a scary mannequin in a window

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