Monday, February 3, 2014

Its aleady february?!?

It feels like christmas and new years were just yesterday! dang this is going by fast. But i love it more and more every day. 3 more weeks of training then ill be with a latino companion. 

This week was great as every week just keeps getting better. I was getting ready the other day and when i came out of the bathroom my companion had made my bed, polished my shoes, and made me breakfast. He is so nice, we get along great! We always do little service stuff for eachother like i will make somthing for him, i made cookies last week! We work great together and really do help everyone we can. 
Favorite Haitians  -  Investigators moved :(
We came across a woman this week who hasnt heard from the missionaries in 8 years! She had investigated before but not for a long time. but we were able to share with here and feel the spirit very strong! I know we will keep sharing with her and all of those who are ready and prepared to accept this gospel. My testimony grows more and more every day as i read and study. I love this church and my mission so much.
Siesta time (my shelf)  -  View of buildings & mountains
Sorry my letters are always short.  well have a great week guys. Love you:)

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