Monday, January 27, 2014

knives... knives. everywhere! haha

Dont worry its not as bad as it sounds haha. My week was a little crazy but hey, its part of the mission. 

Our sector
So the knife stories... The first was a man i started to talk with that was eating a melon with a knife, i asked him about his day and he pointed the knife at me saying he was innoecent and that he knew we were from the FBI. he put the knife in MY pocket and said that he is fine. but then i gave him the knife back and he left thinking we were from the government. And the other was when we were talking with some people outside of their house and they were all sitting but my comp and i were standing. A man came out of the house a drunk and told his family to have respect for us and let us sit. he poited a knife at them and wanted us to sit, it actually escalated until my comp had to grab the knife before someone got stabbed from the fighting! again we quickly left that situation.

But after all that it was a good week haha. i am doing a lot of missionary exchanges, like two every week, because my comp is district leader. so i am always with other missionaries and it is so fun! I finally got all of these christmas letters and mail this week. it takes a little longer to get here.
Service- digging up a tree

I love to share with the people who are so kind and loving, especially when they talk to us first and call our name. An older man this week was outside of his house and we ended up teaching him and getting to know him. He is very catholic but had lots of interest in our message. We have many investigators like that who will listen to us and actually feel that it is true as well. We pass by for them every other day to keep them progressing. But at this time during the year it is hard to keep teaching everyone. many are going on vacations or moving houses. But we are passing along our message at this time and i know that other missionaries will continue to help them progress.

This week we had lots of rejection and slammed doors. but i continue to the next person or the next house hoping they will accept. many people are prepared and waiting to hear and i just have to search for them. 

I know this is where i am supposed to be, serving the lord for two years. It is my favorite thing to do. THanks for all of your help, have a great week. Love you:)  -Elder Jaeger
Chile watermelon is different then California watermelon

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