Monday, January 20, 2014

Work hard Play hard

Yeah i dont know whats up with me wanting to title my emails like this but here we go. This week has been nice and hot and sunny, i think i have to start wearing sunscreen. 
We were all in the CCM together.  Now all being trained.
This week we found a man on the street who was drinking and didn't look so good. He is about 45 years old or so and makes furniture. We talked with him quickly and told him we would help him and pass by his house one day, not thinking much of it.. Then we got to his house which is a beautiful apartment that has so much. We taught him and the woman he lives with and he really wants to change his life. We invited him to be baptized and will help him every day not to drink and to coninue reading every night. I know he will be so happy to change his life around and love sharing this message to better the lives of people.

Me and my new companion Elder D get along great and have a good time together. He sings aweosme and we have the same view of the mission and how to help people. But sadly only 5 weeks to end my training then i willl have a new comapanion because always after training we get a latino companion.

I am staying safe and warm. Also getting lots of blessings and sharing with people who have lots of interest and potential.

I will be writing some letters today to send off next week. And and a side note is that the letters you send go to the office first and then the next week to be sent to me so at times it can be like 4 weeks. THanks for always emailing and talking with me. Have a great week and enjoy the cold while it lasts.   Love you all!:)

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