Monday, January 13, 2014

My new companion! and a great week!

That first cambio went by quick (i think transfer in english). Its hard for me to think and write this in english. My mind is solely set to español ahora(now). I can understand ever word and conversaciòn con la gente(with the people). alright i will try to write this all in english. But it is hard to traducir(translate i think in english) because i have learned this spanish by speaking it not really by translating it. So i know how to say so much in spanish but its hard to put it in english. 

Entonces, (so) i had a few intercambios(exchanges? man this is difficult) with the leader of the zone and the assistant to the president. i learned so much from them and also had to direct the sector because i know all the things for this sector. As well all the missionaries from the ccm came to my sector while i was on exchanges to see how we do things. So we had all the other missionaries come to my sector to help and go contacting with the missionaries. it was fun and we were all in the streets. Since we had C with us( a 14 year old recent convert) i walked around with him and we had fun contacting. But i feel comfortable with having to lead this sector for a little bit to help my new companion to learn the sector.
My new companion is awesome, Elder D. We are getting along great and i am excited for him to train me and to have this transfer with him. I always love learning from these great missionaries.
We have an investigator named D who is 65 or so. We taught him once and gave him a book of mormon to read, Then we didnt see him for two weeks while he was on vacation. But when he came back he read 3 nephi 11 like 7 times. He had it memorized! He asked about baptism and wants to be baptized really bad! He came to church this week and loved it, we will continue to help him for 3 weeks then he will be baptized! People are always being prepared.

Oh and i want to let you guys know that you have to be the coolest family for the missionaries. En serio(seriously). I have a awesome family in my ward that we stop by all the time whether its is only to use the bathroom or to teach or anything. But they have a son who is home from his mission and always helps us teach. So if there are sisters in the ward kelsey should teach lessons with them occasionaly, and always let the misionaries into the house. let them teach in the house if they need. i just know that missionaries love great members who can help with the missionary work. 
Thank you to my ward back home!  I got the christmas package!
Last ward picture

thanks for being a great family! We will always have the best. And thanks for the help and prayers. I love this mission and this work. Especially the people. ¡Have a great week and have fun!

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