Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years

Happy New Year from Chile
I just want to start by saying since jaeger is german for hunter and casador means hunter in spanish. i explain to people that my name pretty much means Elder Casador! So new years was fun other than not being able to see fireworks:/ we were in the house and there were lots of trees and buildings so we leaned out the window to see the ones we could. But we still celebrated, obviously wihtout a new years kiss. haha.
New Years Eve  -  New Years Day (no one is out)
My favorite street - I'm doing good!
This week we met a really great family. We first met the boy N walking on the street and he said we could pass by his house any time. And then we stopped by the next day and met the whole family. a grandma a mother and 4 kids. They were so nice and kind to us. We shared with them and they all commited to read the book of mormon. we returned yesterday and they actually all read the part we assigned as a family! and we answered their questions. They have lots of interest and will continue to pass by often and share with them. I will keep you updated on how they progress.

We also have the investigators who want to be baptized but need to be married first do the paper work. Always times where things get tough but we work with them. He wants to do so much for the church and have a calling but we have to wait two months or so. I will be so excited when he is baptized!

We continue to find lots of people each week. This place is california. lots of fires this week and heat. I already feel at home here. Well have a great week and start to the new year. Talk soon
Trying to gain some weight  -  Elder S from the Chile Santiago CCM

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