Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas week woot woot

Our District
SaY wHaT sAy WhAt?!? Christmas already passed? dang is time picking up. And going by fast. I like to think of a roll of toilet paper for how a mission goes haha. it starts off with a lot and seems like it will never end. But once it starts being used it goes quick. You can start telling that you have less and less as it gets nearer to the end. And then before you know it you are out! And your stuck in the bathroom yelling for more toilet paper. haha but serioiulsy this is going fast, i hope you understood what i was trying to say.
Christmas dinner.  Can't have it without soda and mayo!
Anywho, This week was great and did so much. Christmas night we didnt have a time to be home really and got in at 12:30ish after dinner. oh dinner was huge and good. lots of food and vegetables. oh and mayo on everything, the rice, corn, potatoes, carrots, beats, peas, but it was soo good. the pruvians know how to cook here. And on christmas we went to visit all of the members that lived alone and had nobody to visit them. so the four of us in this ward visited them and sang and just had a good time. we washed a car for one member who is reactivated. Just lots of fun with them all. I opened my packages and loved all the gifts and candy. haha but chile isnt as bad as you think, it is pretty much los angeles. its not hard to find food or candy, but thanks for the american food! i already ate all the candy haha. I dont know why im feeling all funny today and im actually writing this all fast.
Christmas service project
Gifts under the tree  -  Thanks for all the gifts  -  Elders in our ward skyping our families
We found some awesome new investigators this week. One is a haitian who is friends with and lives with the other haitian members. He shared of who he has been here for 6 months away from all his family trying to find work and it has been hard. He told us all about his life and cried explaining the difficult time in his life. But we helped to make him feel better and shared so much with him as he had lots of interest. And the best feeling came over me on sunday. Just as we were singing the first hymn in church he walked in! he sat next to me and i had the biggest smile on my face and felt so great. During the meeting he was giving his full atention and was reading the book of mormon he brought with him. After the meeting i asked him how he got here. He said he walked and kept asking people on the street where the building was because he really wanted to make it to church. he woke up and didnt even eat anything just so he could make it to church. He has lots of interest and we will coninue helping him gain a testimony. Definitely one of the most loving people there is.

As well our other investigators came to church and i was so happy for all of them. things are starting to pick up here and we are still continuing to work every day. never a moment to stop working. 
Early morning studies in Chile...

well a new year and new goals and resolutions, so im gonna make 2014 a year of straight working non stop. Thanks for all your support and love. And thanks for the letters and packages and emails. I love you guys and pray for you. bye!

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