Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting ready for christmas!

I love this place!
I am so pumped! i just have energy like the energizer bunny! I dont know what it is but i love all of this. Hahah well this week i had a little sickness in my stomach and spent most of my week on the toilet. Never eating fish again. They food is different and i'm getting used to it.  We just share whatever and eat whatever. I love them all and want to help as many as i can.Hahah just in the middle of this a man came up and asked me to light his cigarette.  
Went on interchanges and rode bikes!
This past week has been getting better with trying to find more people to teach and talk with. We stopped by a house the other night looking for a someone but ended up talking to an older man in bed rest. He can only move his right arm and gead after a attack in his brain. but we talked to him for a while and he ended up being a member but many years ago. It was really special to talk with him. He has been in bed for a few years and hasnt been in contact with the church for many. But we are going to help him the best we can. My companion and i love to sing songs and the older man asked us to sing his favorite song for him. while we were singing he was holding his heart and smiling big:) He also told us about how he prayed this morning and knew that we would be coming. It was very special, and i know he is one of the many who are waiting for the missionaries.
Me & my companion Elder C.  We email here every p-day.
I gave a talk this week in church. I prepared a 5 min talk but gave a 15 min talk in spanish because the other speaker wasnt there. It was actually good and understandable. I'm always willing to speak!

Many people try to get us with a kiss on the cheek because it is customary, but we always have to say no kiss for the rules. BUt the haitins are so loving and will always greet with a kiss. Haha too many actually. The kids gave on on the lips and i was thrown off. So we had to tell them no more. But they are kind and loving. All of our investigators and members of the ward.

The wedding or baptism didnt happen this week because the certificates and papers they had were bad. But in a a few weeks they will be baptized and married! So awesome! 
Shhhhh.  I took out the mac & cheese and put in trix cereal!
Have a great christmas week everyone. see you soon -Elder Jaeger

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