Monday, December 9, 2013

First week in the field

will try my best to put all i can in this letter but we only have an hour and i have two weeks to talk about. oh and the keyboard on this public computer is terible haha. This week has been crazy trying to get used to everything here. right as i got my companion i got thrown on a subway with all my luggage and then had to walk all the way with it. i get to our goregous house which is pretty much a treehouse haha. its different for sure and i have to get used to it. i wish i had time to explain it all but the pictures will do.

Home Sweet Home.  I do love it here!
so on my first day we went to go visit a family. the kids were baptized a few months ago and the mother just started taking the discussions. well i ended up asking her to be baptized... and she said yes. there family is so happy. two little girls 10and 12, then a 18 year old boy who wants to go on a mission. so we have few investigators being baptized before chrsitmas hopefully. another is a 17 year old boy named f who first contacted us as a joke but became very interested. he wants to be baptized by christmas. the investigators we have right now are great.
My first completo.
The ward and my companion are cool too. elder C knows T.G from home so we get along haha. I have 12 weeks of training not like the girls 6. my spanish is pretty good and i can have a conversation with anyone. its started to feel like english to me. itll be good to go by the end of training.
My favorite street

so this week was pretty crazy but im getting into the routine.a lot of walking and talking. i feel great and love everything. the food is pretty good and they love to put mayo on it all. i actually am liking it all!

just to let you know whats up we took the metro here to a internet place. but had to get off and walk becuase someone jumped in front of the train. now there are dogs walking in and out of this place. but the dogs are everywhere. haha just some random stuff.

hope you guys have a great week. Chao pescado. which means bye fish in spanish. haha -Elder Jaeger

All the Elders in our Spanish Ward
Tallest building      ~       CCM latino friend
District Christmas Card!      ~     CCM District
My name tag & Chile Santiago Temple

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