Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I got a spray tan! haha noo. But this HEAT!

Stray dogs everywhere!!!!!
This week has been so hot. the total opposite of you guys in ca. And boy have i gotten tan... well a nice farmers tan. I told people i got a good spray tan deal down the street. Buy two completos (hotdogs) and get a free spray tan haha. j/k SO much sun but i love it. Just getting as much color as i can. 

I am always so pumped to be out here serving so nothing will get me down. Even though this week has been tough because of only walking in the heat all day, and many people wont accept us. But i continue with no problem. My companion says it has been the hardest week for him and that it can only get better from here because it has never been so hard. 

I pray for help with my spanish, for teaching people, and to find new investigators who are prepared. Always searching and talking to everyone. I really feel great and have so much energy so that means there will never be a sad or dull moment in my mission. I always walk around with a smile on my face, smile and say hi to every person in hopes to make their day. At times they ignore or dont notice but i still always do. I am so happy to be out here helping everyone i can. Like the recent converts like a couple from haiti. We teach them in there one small room where there live, eat, sleep, everything. I think in english, teach in spanish, while he reads the doctrine in french, and translates to his wife in the language they use fom haiti. The investigators we have are great and i love them! This week we are planning a baptism... and a wedding!

A wedding! i never thought i would be planning a wedding this saturday and hopefully a baptism this sunday. He is so awesome and has a great testimony. He will teach other investigators with us even though he is and investigator too. He is a dad haha, and he asked about a mission but cant since he has a kid. I love him and will definitley keep in touch with him always!
New friend and Companion Elder C
So a little bit about each day. we wake up at 7:30 for excersise and get ready from 8-9. Then study until 1 in the afternoon. go out for a bit and eat luch from 2-3ish with a member. They normally feed us first and just keep bringing food so kind. then the rest of the day is work until 10 and go home to prepare and be in bed by 11:30ish. Its a little different. But im getting used to it.

The few members in our ward members do everything for us! They wash and iron our clothes, cook for us. it is awesome. And our house doesnt have a stove or washing machine. Just a fridge and microwave. So i eat a pb and j sandwich every night i get home. I have to have peanut butter every day haha. its easy to find at a store call liders which is walmart for chile. And everything here taste fine to me. I ate the biggest meal this week! like ever! a family from peru cooked so much for us. A huge bowl of soup, the best potatoes and meat, and fruit! Enough to feed a family of vour. And i ate it all! 

Also i got so scared from a dog this week when i went to a door. side note that every house here has a front gate and you have to yell ALO! And this dog comes running at me and jumps trying to bite me. but i got away safe! Some dogs here are crazy.  

Anyways i am loving it and cant wait for next week and all this week with the wedding and baptism. Have a great week in the cold while i am hot as heck haha. love you bye.

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