Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines day doing visa paperwork

Shawarma is good!

A lot of love around during this time of year. haha i was reading the liahona and all of it was about love and good relationaships. but its a good read, you guys should read them. i actually like reading all this church stuff now which is a big change from just a few months ago.

But obviously valentines day passed and guess what i got to do! yup went to bed at midnight the night before (which is normal for chile and the mission) and woke up to be ready at 6! we had to take the subway all the way to the mission office and pick up an envelope and visit three different places to get all of my visa paperwork done. the first one i had an appointment but it was for the wrong day so i waited for two hours. then we walked to the police office and had to wait for like 4 hours behing hundreds of people. and didnt even have time to go to another civil court thing so we will finish another day. But as we had our number and were waiting we walked the streets of downtown santiago and it is just like new york. lots of taxis and subways and buildings. i love it here!

My Companion Elder D likes to RAP to lessons
this week was great as usual. We continue to find new investigators. As well our goal is to invite everyone to be baptized in the first visit. and many accept it and we continue to teach them. It is still hard to keep people progressing as all are leaving on vacations. But of all the people we have we are really focusing on a man named C and his wife lía. they are 70 or so years old and have some family that are members. He will be baptized this coming month so we are excited as he is fully prepared! and we are all looking forward to march where it will cool down a bit and people wont be gone as much.

I also had a cute little memorable experience. We were walkling in the streets and there was a group of 6 or seven boys that were the ages 4 to 7. they were playing with toy guns and running around sweating. i decided to go a long with it for a bit amd played for one minute. then they started to ask us a bunch of questions but it was nice to talk with them as they were so kind and playful. one little guy took my nametag but another said hey thats not nice and said he wanted to put it back on. so i knelt down and he kindly put it on and dusted me off. but then another took my water and started to drink. so i grabbed it real quick but then knew they were all thristy. So i held the bottle and they all come up to drink the water i was holding as i sqeuzzed it for them. We gave them some little pictures and they were so happy to talk for a bit.
Zone Activity
i dont have time to put all of it in here but it made me think of christ why he loves all of the children. They are so pure and loving. I love the mission and i love all of the little experiences that happen daily but i cant keep track. last week of training woohoo! love you guys. have a great week. 

happy birthday to my sister Hermana Ashley! i hope you get your letter soon.

Bye:)  -Elder Jaeger

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