Monday, July 7, 2014

Crazy week, mixed emotions

Welp this has been crazy. But i feel a lot better talking about things with many people. I have seen much love from thos who mean so much to me. Many members who have a place in my heart have helped me and given me advice. 
Interchanges with Elder D.  Elder burning his half way tie.  

I have found a great importance in love for others. We came across these two young boys and their mother who mean so much to me in just one visit. We knock on the door and immediatly the mother invites us in. We didnt expect that to happen. And as we enter there is two little boys. They both run to get their scriptures and hymn books. We ended up singing a few hymns and letting them read what they wanted. The mother started to tell her story of the family. She explained that little O has had many surgeries on his head as you can see the scars. He has brain tumors and is set to die in any moment. That is where many of my emotions started to go crazy this week. We try to visit them as often as we can now as we wont to cherish these small moments.

But after everything it was a good week. Getting to meet our new awesome mission president who has so much trust in us and love for us. We are all excited for these coming months and the changes being made. My companion Elder M and i are now working with less actives as it has been hard to find new investigators. We were surprised to have 5 of the less actives who havent been to church in years come on sunday.

I am blessed to have been given my comapnion in this moment. He has been through some of the same things as i have and we talk very openly. He has a great energy and is crazy which is just what i need in these moments. So actually after all that has happened i feel really chill about everything. I love you guys and hope you have a good week.

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