Monday, July 21, 2014

What a great week!!! Climbed Mt Santiago

Zone Leader & old comp back for a day.  Watched 17 miracles & ate popcorn. pday/siesta
It was awesome this week to see our recent convert M receive the priesthood and share the sacrament. He had a smile on his face and kept looking at me, he bought a gray suit and brown shoes like mine:) And we brought many less actives to church, especially the young men, we ended up with a ton on sunday!

I have been doing pretty good with all that has happened. One thing that really got to me was a death we had in our branch. It was the grandmother of the family who we brought to the temple last week. It came unexpected, on day she was fine with us, and the next day she was in the hospital. One of the last things she said was take care of my missionaries. She was like a mother to me and always gave us so much. We are passing by the family often to visit, and are helping the best we can. We are still trying to keep the members active and energized! But as missionaries we have to always been an example to everyone and i am trying my best to keep showing them the good things in life.
The 4 of us play the best futbol.  we dominated & wore same jaeserys.
played with zone & members.
I love my life and everything i have, i am doing great right now:) very happy and losing myself in what i do:) Thanks for all your support with everything, im moving on to bigger and better things!

Cleaned up after falling down Mt. santiago

Oh and in the picture i am pretty beat up after getting back and changing my clothes. We got to the top of the mountain and i started to run down and biffed it, haha so my jaw is all jacked up and i have a bunch of bruises on myslef, and one of my veins even popped haha but its all good. But, "im on top of the world eh," no matter what has happened:)

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