Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Semana 2 - CCM

CCM (Chile MTC)
Woah there is so much to talk about and not enough time. only have 15 minutes now because i was sending pictures and emails. well a funny story real quick. so here in chile they drink soda and carbonated stuff with every meal, my companion and i wanted regular water. so at the store last week i bought what i thought was water. we were walking on our way and i opened it up the water it sprayed all over my shirt! it ended up being a bottle of carbonated water! 

This week my district and i got to sing nearer my god to thee in spanish for the whole CCM. it was during a devotional and it went great! the 8 elders and 2 sisters in my district are all great in music so always want to sing and stuff. 

When we work out every morning and go running there are tons of stray dogs.  If you are even the slightest bit nice to them they will follow you around. so imagine missionaries running with dogs around them haha. and they try to steal the soccer ball when we are playing. 

So today most of the mtc left to there missions and it is pretty empty, haha it went from over 100 people to less than 30. but another group is coming in soon. we are the next ones to leave now!

I have been having such a great time here at the CCM, never a dull moment. most people here only talk in spanish so it really helps me learn. oh i have been reading in mosiah this week for myslef and wanted to tell you all in case you may want to read.
Santiago Temple ~ CCM (Chile MTC)

it has been fun here, learning lots with 12 hours of class a day. and they told us that our group came a little later so this is our 3rd week and we will be off and out in the field by the end of this month. my spanish is coming along good. i can talk with many of those who speak spanish here. and we are able to purchase stuff easily in spanish. they have all the same stores. today we went to the mall which is the tallest building in chile. it had all the same clothing stores and food places. we had a cinnabon and dunkin donut. everything here is the same except it has real sugar... oh and no mountain dew for me. they dont have it.
well i sent a letter home for the family and one to send off to kennedy, i tryed too say much but will never be able to tell you all until i get home and read you my journal. i love you guys and pray for you. i dont have much time to fix all the spelling so sorry about that. and sorry that i might have been jumping all over the place. well talk to you guys next week. i am doing great here. miss you all but i am focused on the work. Love you all. have a great week and i know i will.

and a side not is that people say regular mail is better than pouch mail outside of the ccm. so just send it thorugh the regular mail. love you bye  -Elder Jaeger
Main road that connects the CCM & Temple to all the stores.

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