Monday, October 28, 2013

Semana 1 (week 1)

Chile Santiago Temple (P-day in the CCM)
Wow time has been flying by. It has been so busy here but all good. I only have 30 minutes to type so i will just send out one big email today. I was setting up all of my email and figuring out my camera. Well anyway today was obviously p day but you only get three hours to do what you want and an hour at most to email.

Me and my companion walked around a lot. We have a good time together. And while buying food from a small store we ran into some 15 year old school boys who we talked to for a while and then they went on their way. But as we were coming back down the road after picking up what we needed we saw them sitting on a bench so we talked to the three of them. we all understood each other pretty well and talked for 15 min in spanish and try to tell them about ourselves. and then as one of the boys was writing down his information their bus came to pick them up and they had to hurry on and go. But it was good to get practice and talk with nice people
Me and my Comp from Tennessee 
These past few days have been filled with so much. learning, praying, spanish, gospel, reading, writing, singing, speaking, and yes eating. The food was a little different at first but you get used to it. all of the missionaries that have been here warn about the "pan" or bread. they say if you eat too much, like more than one piece you will be having a hard time in the bathroom haha. We eat potatoes, rice and chicken all the time which is great for me because ill always eat it. there is also fish, soup, and other things sometimes. Ohh my gosh and i have to tell you about breakfast!! ok so for breakfast you come to the table which is already set and has lots of things out. you pour a bowl of cereal and then pour a bunch of yogurt on top! it is so different but it is the custom and because of the milk here. I like it because i like yogurt. The milk is never refirgertaed and is put on a shelf, and when it expires they boil it and put it back in. it is really different.

The spanish language is coming great to me! I am rooming in the ccm with some latino elders and they are so funny and nice. We teach them english and they teach us spanish. It is so fun and we always laugh. 

My p day and time might change around with so many missionaries coming in and out. A normal day is waking up before 7 and studying for an hour then going to excersise and go to the huge park with all the elders and play soccer and other games. then the rest of the day is study study study and lots of class. 

am so happy about everything though and it will go by fast. Thanks for the prayers and such, i will keep you filled in but these weeks at the ccm will be jam packed and rush to get all the learning in that i can.

Well i have a few minutes left and wish i could talk about everything. But i love you guys. I love you mom, dad, garrett, blake, kelsey, and ashley. And of course i definitley love kennedy. As well everyone else in the family and grandparents:) I hope you are all doing okay. There is so much i have to say but i am writing in my journal every night so you guys will be fully filled in in two years. I love you guys so much! have a great week and i know i will!

i tried to attach lots of pictures but it wont send so many. The pictures of the road are a main road that is connected to the ccm and temple and many stores if you walk down in either direction. There is a picutre of me in front of the temple and one with my companion. One picture is of the ccm from the front and another is the temple from the front.

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  1. Thats weird. We don´t do that with milk. If it´s expired, we put it on the trash and we put it on the frigde to avoid get it spoiled. so somebody lied to him. He does'´t have to eat too much bread, not because of going to the bathroom, but he´s gonna get fater. It is addictive. That´s the problem with our bread. I´m sure he´s goona get our ward, it´s downtown Santiago, We´ll take care of him.