Saturday, October 26, 2013

He Made it to CHILE ~ Arrival EMAIL!!!!

So after a long flight and making sure i had everything done, i got here at 8ish in the morning chile time! I didnt see any missionaries in CA or TX but when i got to chile there was a sea of them. We were all paying our fee and getting through security and customs. It took about an hour to get through customs and police and find our bags. once we got out of the airport it was crazy to see how many of us had come! probably almost 40 missionaries! and we are all going to either north or south mission. They said that last year they were averaging 30 missionaries in at a time but this group came in and was bigger. Now there are more than 100 here and training, about half from america and the other half from south america. 

My companion is really cool and is from tenessesee. We both wear gray suits to stand out! I am staying in the mtc (everyone calls it ccm in spanish) with a few other guys. They said we had to pick a few things to take out of our suitcases like three different outfits and other things. They will wash everything often and had to put our suitcases in storage until we head to our mission because there is so many of us and not enough room for everything. But i got what i needed and will be good for the six weeks here! 

There is less than ten bedrooms in the mtc so i got lucky to be put in here. And the other big group of people are all across the street in a housing place. Everything is going great though! It feels weird for us all because we see missionaries and dont think we would be one, but we are! 

The food was different at first but i got used to it for dinner. Well i usually put gallons of pepper on my food and did when we were eating. They put chili powder in the pepper.  So i probably will put less. Oh and they drink soda with every meal and all the time. But the water is fine in chile and to drink out of the tap. 

We are all tired from none of us getting very much sleep. I am doing great here and will find out my p-day some time this week. Love you guys all so much. Eveything is good here and i will tell you as much as i can when i get more time to email but they only gave us ten minutes to type this real quick. Thank you guys and i will talk soon. Love you so much.

-Elder Jaeger

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