Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ELDER Jeffery R. HOLLAND was here!!!!!

My District in the CCM
What a great and special week. I wish i could send you everything that Elder Holland said. But i have 45 mins to type up as much as i can. I miss all you guys and love you, but staying focused on this work and giving everything i have. So i will start by talking about how Elder Holland came by and Elder Christopherson (i dont know how to spell it) The ccm doesnt have very many missionaries right now because they all left so id say there is maybe 70 of us, pretty small and you know everyone by name. Elder Holland he got to speak to the few of us in person.

Hearing from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was a very special experience. We werent expecting him to come by and it was a surprise. He walked down our hall while we were having class and everyone came out to greet him. It felt so powerful to have the spirit carried with him. We all went to a small room like a young womens type of room. And opened by singing called to serve in spanish while standing as he entered. Then he got up to speak to us and did so for around a half hour, and spoke with great power. "This is one of the greatest  moments in the history of the church," he started as we all listened solely to the words he spoke. "This moment ranks with the 1st vision, the coming forth of the book of mormon, and the restoration of the priesthood." He said that we are a great part of this work that is going forth. He than gave church statistics and talked about temples and said how we will soon be counting temples by the hundreds and maybe even thousands later. A new temple will be built in Concepcion Chile soon. 

"This is not only the last dispensation, but it is the greatest dispensation." He said we are here to help and save many people and "it all starts with one convert and then goes forward." He then shared a story about a mission president in Europe who was having a hard time with his missionaries being discouraged as many dont want to hear the gospel over there. So the mission president prayed and heard in is prayer "Please dont let you missionaries be discouraged, they are doing OUR work." Now he doesnt know who said that to him but knew their work needed to be done. People have been waiting for their work to be done and Elder Holland said that everyone you baptize will lead to more and more baptisms.

"One of the most fatal mistakes you can make is to go into a mission without a vision." He talked about how we need to know what we want to accomplish and have goals. And talked about Joseph smith. Sorry i am trying to go through all i can with ten minutes left to type.
This week was great and I've been GAINING SOME WEIGHT!!! My favorite foods used to be potatoes rice and pasta and we are having it every day here haha. I have never been better and next week will be the start of only speaking spanish. Jello is the only thing us americans like to eat at meals too haha, everything else is always the same. oh and i kicked out two park lights accidentally when we were playing soccer. i am having so much fun here and cant wait to get out soon. ive got it down really good and can carry a conversation with those who speak only spanish. Sorry about my bad typing as i try to do it quick. have a great week everyone. now i get to go out and eat some pizza hut. bye

"If you will give this your heart and soul, and be devoted to god and the prophets and apostles, if you will take your stand with them, your life will be blessed forever and ever and ever." - Elder holland. he said that right before he finished.
bye- Elder Austin jaeger

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