Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things are gettin real

Chile CCM
Today is the first day that i am going to have to be speaking Spanish. I will be attending all Spanish classes and church and everything will be only Spanish from now on. I have got it all down though so I'm not worried. 
Two more weeks in here and we leave on December 3rd. Oh also there are tons of earthquakes here, but I'm used to them. sorry this letter will be all over the place because I'm checking the random notes i write throughout the week to email. Happy birthday to dad as well! hope you have a good one. 
Well this week we went to lunch and saw some "sausage," so we did what any hungry guy would do. We got some and started eating them, they didn't taste bad. As we look around the room no body else had eaten theres. So i lean over and ask one of the latinos why no body wants them. He said something in Spanish and I asked him again. He said "sangre." Now sangre means blood. So it ended up being cow blood and pepper haha.  Well I love pepper and it wasn't half bad at all.  
Well, i don't have much time to email. But i am still doing good here. -Elder A Jaeger 

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