Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New district & companion & house & everything

well this week i got a new companion Elder B and had to switch districts. because my past companion knew spanish really well and they made him zone leader. so i am still in a way cool district now and stay at this place called Alcantara. It's like a huge mansion.  The day before i packed up and left the ccm dorms i played piano, and a bunch of elders came around and started to somewhat freestyle rap while i played. it was a pretty fun night. 
This is my new home while finishing at the CCM
(Alcantara-Sweedish Home)
I am just going to throw around all my favorite parts of the week. So last night when we got home the older missionary couple who is watching us at alcantara had a scoop of ice cream for each of us and it was soo good. They might be doing something on thanksgiving for us. Oh and speaking of that i need to see what im thankful for. Obviously my wonderful family, parents, siblings, and kennedy we can count as family. Also for the church and the opportuntily to serve in chile. A teacher asked me this week what the one thing i dont like here is because everyone has one. i told him that i absolutely love it here and there isnt a thing i would change.

This week was really special. so we get to practice speaking spanish and talk to people walking around the temple. i saw a group of a dozen or so kids and had to go say hi. as i came up they all had future missionary tags on. we all talked for a long time and i told them why i am here and some of my testimony. i really loved it and remember being one of those kids looking to the missionaries and it feels wierd to actually be one now.
 Alcantara Missionaries - this is how we get to the CCM everyday by bus. 
haha Also everyone i guess really likes my ties. no lie though i get some pretty good compliments. and guys like to trade ties but i always tell them no because they are from my girlfreind. so by now everyone knows that im the Elder with his girlfreinds ties haha. nope i aint giving them away. and jokingly they made a list of who gets what when i get a dear john letter haha but that wont happen so we are good.
This week was great and i leave real soon to the field. thanks for all the support and love. i will not have a p day next week but will be going to my mission. have a great thanksgiving. i love you all
View from my room in the CCM of the Chile Santiago Temple
***THANK YOU Sister B for the pictures :)
Next group leaving the Chile CCM
Cile CCM Zone.  Staying at Alcantara
All of us in the Chile CCM

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  1. Sister Jaeger! I was doing a google search for the Santiago Chile South Mission and found your son's blog! My son is the new companion he is talking about in this letter!!! I was SO excited to see this! I would love to contact you, even though I know the boys are only going to be companions for another day or so!! My email is soxfan35@gmail.com! My son's name is Braden Burt(the one in the back of the bus)! Please email me if you would!! Thanks!