Tuesday, November 11, 2014


It was pretty awesome to have Elder Nelson and Elder Viñas here with us yesterday. We each got to go up and shake their hands. We got to hear each of them and their wives speak. I wrote down a bunch of notes from all of them. 
Elder B, Elder A and I
Elder Viñas basically talked about the importance of baptism, retention, and reactivation and I am going to try to focus a lot more on reactivation in my mission. Hermana Nelson talked a lot about our premortal life and what we would have been like before, which was very special to think about. Just looking into the heavens for 5 minutes would give us a greater knowledge of any subject than if we studied it for all our life. Than Elder Nelson talked started by saying something that has now become my favorite quote. "Begin with the end in mind." And i love how he later used that to explain a story of a friend who later became a member. He said he saw his friend and thought of how good he would look in baptismal clothing, but even better in temple clothing. That is the goal for everyone. It was very special at the end when he said, "I as an apostle, invoke a blessing upon you now," and blessed us with many things among devotion and being a true disciple of Christ.

He taught us of how awesome the Spanish scriptures are and the guide for scripture study  which the English scriptures don't have. He taught us of ten doctrines and the greatest was what he said of Jesus Christ and how much there is to study about him. The whole experience was cool and i am pumped to study everything he shared.

Today we went to piedra roja because it is just a chill place to be. They have a dunkin donuts, starbucks, papa johns, sushi restaurants, and a whole bunch of other stuff there by the lake. It was nice and relaxing to be there with a donut from the outside porch deal they had their. And we visited another place after where we could buy a bunch of gringo candy and drinks! i totally forgot how could butter fingers were after one year! Love you guys, Talks to you later! bye:) sorry I wasn't able to reply to all the emails. 
  fish from my favorite place called Piedra Roja.  It reminds me of home.

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