Monday, November 24, 2014

English Classes getting bigger

All of us missionaries pile on a bus after district class.
This week went quite well for us. The best part was probably the English class. Somehow we were able to have about 30 people in our class. It has been growing a lot lately with the help of missionaries, members, and those who attend class. We might have to split the class into two if it keeps growing. 

We have actually been able to see the fruits as well. The other day Elder B and I were able to set many appointments with certain people who come to our class. We have been able to visit many of them and teach them after already having a great confidence and friendship with them. The other missionaries are visiting those that respond to their sectors and seeing progress as well. We will keep focusing our efforts in finding new people who could have an interest in the gospel.

An ex missionary as well came back to visit some people and was able to go out with us and help us with our sector. So we are now able to work a lot more with people he used to visit that seemed really nice. We will see what we do this Thursday for thanksgiving!

Happy for you girls/sisters to get your jobs and get things ready in Utah. Love you guys and ill talk soon:) bye.
Picking cherries

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