Monday, August 25, 2014

Time is passing by quick!

Man ive been out for 10 months now, this is starting to pick up speed! So i was talking with a member yesterday and he was telling me that about this time in the mission field is when you have everything down and have more time to focus on working and helping others. So im pumped that im not worried about the same things as i was at the start of my mission. 

And then i came to think about how god works, the ways and the times he works. I probably will never notice much of it but as i begin to think and read my patriarchal blessing i can see it all so much better. I dont want to get into detail cuz its obviously personal. But one example of how god works to me is about my schooling. I applied after high school to all the byus and told myself if i didnt get into hawaii or provo i would leave on my mission. So i did that and had my mission call and everything. But one night i thought to myself i had to reapply, not thinking anything of it. The deadlines were just about to come up and i was leaving on my mission anyway, so why not. And i was surprised to be accepted to hawaii. So i still dont know exactly why things have happened this way but maybe one day further down the road i will understand more. I just thought i would share that even though it will be a while longer till i get any studying. Its crazy how god has all of this planned out. I read the Miracle of forgiveness by spencer w. kimball two times and it is really good. It has some strong stuff in there but it helps me see a lot better. 
Saying our goodbyes 
So just a bunch of crazyness this week with my comps bike getting stolen and the member pulling out his gun and shooting to scare everyone away. But things just keep getting better for me:) Thanks for being there, i love all you. Have a good week! Just takin some pics by our house and next to some horses haha. Nothin special  -Elder Austin Jaeger 
Morning view from bedroom
Gearing up to bike in the cold rain - staying warm and dry - when you ride in the mud

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