Monday, August 11, 2014

New sector, new comp, new start

Favorite District
Last Principal foto 

So the transfers came and i had to end my six months in principal. Pretty long there, but i learned quite a bit:) I will definitely be going back to visit many of them some time in the future! But now i am very excited and happy to be in this new sector. I am excited for my companion as well. I hope everything goes well for us, we will search for those who need the gospel.
Transfers- new everything

The name of the ward is C 1, and it is between Santiago and the Andes. So its my first time serving out of the city and more of the open area:) I am really pumped to be here. It is a huge! sector so we have bikes and i am excited if i haven't said that already:) We are both new to the sector so we will learn it together, i still am Senior Comp and he has a little over a year like my last comp. Thanks for all the help guys, ill be having a good week, dont worry about me:) - Love you guys.
 Saying goodbyes 
 You know your in an area long when the puppy is grown and part of your goodbyes

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