Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Apostle came to visit

Last week we had a visit from Elder Viñas of the seventy. I really dont know how our mission has so many visits from apostles. But it was awesome. We had a mission conference with him, and then he came to give a devotional in our district. I was pretty pumped. I talked with him one on one after about some of the questions i had and he was pretty cool to help out. 

Of the many things he said there was some things i really liked. He said, "under the influence of the spirit you cannot offend others nor be offended." roughly what he said in spanish. And he explained that anything you talk or converse about will never be offensive as long as the spirit is there. And i loved that a lot because before we should make decisions in our life we need the spirit to guide us. And many other things about repentance and what had happened to some of his misisonaries while he was serving as a mission president before. So it helped out to hear those things from him.

This week the rain will be here until the weekend. So that means washing all of my muddy clothes after haha. Oh and our laundry got so heavy in the rain while it was supposed to be drying that it broke the pole that holds up our clothes. Its all good here, everything is normal. Love you guys and hope your doing good. We are all getting hyped up for the 18th of se`ptember which is the day of independence here but is one of the biggest celebrations that happens! BYE!
View of the rain from the bus

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